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Art Classes For Kids

Summer Rains was established with a desire to aid the development of children's artistic skills while focusing on their own process of art making.


To do this, we offer our students opportunities to explore a wide variety of art mediums and art making methods in an experimental learning environment. That is an open space for imagination, creativity, mistake making, reflection and problem solving in which students are encouraged to invent and cherish their own ways of thinking, learning and interpretations of concepts.

We believe that the skills developed through this way of learning art are essential to all other aspects of education and life.

About Us




While art education is fun, we believe that it also provides additional unique value to a child's development.

  • Self - discovery & Personal development
    Enhance concentration, dedication and discipline. Boost confidence and self-esteem.
  • Self - expression & Communication
    Enhance verbal & non-verbal communication.
  • Skills development
    Enhance motor skills, observation skill, hand-eye coordination. Cognitive skills (analysis, synthesis, evaluation and critical judgement). Decision making, risk taking, problem solving and learning skills.

Estella Apartment

Street 25, An Phu ward, D.2

Thu Duc city

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